Pastel Hair Color Tests 2: Pale Pink

Pink, again, was easy. I liked some a little more than others. I am not trying for PINK. I want pink. I am infatuated with this picture right now. I found it in a tumbler account and there was no link to where it cam from or who took it, but if any of you can tell me where this came from, let me know so I can stalk them. :)
I have been planning a photoshoot using all this stuff I have been experimenting with and this is a great representation of the look I am going for. Love it!

But back to the pink tests take 2.

If you are just starting here because of a google search, I would suggest going back and reading all the entries labeled Pastel Hair by clicking here http://bobbypinblog.blogspot.com/search/label/Pastel%20Hair. This is only one in a series of blog entries about experimenting with vintage pastel hair color looks and there may be something useful in another one of the entries or comments that you need to know before you begin. 

This pink was a combination of a couple brands of products. I wanted to try out the Beyond Zone Party Time Pink with "clear" color, but Beyond Zone doesn't have a color free application, so I used Ion with it. They both came from Sally Beauty. (You'd think Sally was paying me, but their not. I should remedy that.) The formula is 1/4 oz. Ion Color Billiance Demi in 00-0.0 with a pea size amount of the Party Time Pink. Process for 20 minutes.It is pretty, light and lovely.

This swatch was colored with Jazzing products from Sally Beauty. Jazzing is actually a Clairol product designed for African-American hair. There are not a lot of color choices so I could only try to create pink from it. The formula is 1/4 oz. Jazzing Clear with a pea size drop of Fuschia Plum. Process for 30 Minutes.

This swatch was darker than what I was going for, but it is a pretty pink, not so neon, so I thought I'd add it in here anyway. The formula is 1/4 oz. Ion Color Brilliance Demi 00-0.0, 1/4 oz. 10 Volume, and a pea size amount Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Magenta. Process 20 minutes.

This pink was so subtle it takes a double take to notice it. This is Pravana, who was very helpful in offering formulas that might work for what I was trying to accomplish. The formula I used was 1/2 oz. Vivids Pink and 1 oz. Pravana Silk Degrees Shine Treatment. Process 20 minutes and then cover and process under the hair dryer for another 10 minutes as directed by the box.

A deeper pink, this is also using Pravana, but this formula is  1/4 oz. Pravana Silk Degrees Shine Treatment with a pea size amount of Vivids Magenta. Process 20 minutes and then cover and process under the hair dryer for another 10 minutes as directed by the box.


  1. The picture is part of a Wheels and Dollbaby campaign (one of my favourite labels!). I'm not sure who the model is and I haven't seen the pink hair again in their newer campaigns, though she does look a bit like Tiah Eckhart (who normally has red hair).

  2. I was one of those teenagers that dyed my hair pink for a few years, and found that SFX's atomic pink diluted with conditioner gave me a beautiful pale pink that held really well. Super diluted. One part pink, fifteen parts conditioner. You might be better diluting it with something a bit more "professional", but conditioner did the job really well for a seventeen year old in her bathroom. It grew out before it washed out and usually faded to an even nicer pale pink rather than that manky orange you sometimes get when you haven't quite bleached light enough. Can't vouch for their other colours, but SFX Atomic Pink is incredible.

  3. Hello,

    I'm wondering if I want to achieve the same result than on the photo n° 4 (the very subtle pink color with 1/2 oz. Vivids Pink and 1 oz. Pravana Silk Degrees Shine Treatment), if I can use a white conditioner instead of the Pravana Silk Degrees Shine Treatment? Because I have VERY VERY short hair (less than 1 inch long) and it's useless for me to use a shine treatment.


  4. It's hard to get away from the peachy tones when going for pink, I like the pink like your background colour and this models hair colour, it's like an icy pink, more blue than peachy/orange/gold, but I wouldn't want to just turn it lavender. So hard!