Take it from Meyer Jacoby and Son, Inc. Blue hair is awesome.

A New Summer Hair Fashion Profit for YOU!
Meyer Jacoby "Glamour-Eux" Wigs, 1959

Paris decreed it! Life, Vogue, Redbook, Ladies' Home Journal, NY Times, Glamour and even the Wall Street Journal reported it enthusiastically. Great American department stores - Bonwit Teller, Carson, Pirie and Scott, The Whitehouse, Titche-Goettinger and many others, through their beauty salons, promoted it heavily.

You can restyle your patron's "Glamour-Eux" wig while she is at the beach, at home, away or shopping.

Our comprehensive color range make it easy to satisfy discriminating clients.
Platinum - Light Blonde - Regular Blonde - Honey - Tosca - Auburn - Light Brown - Dark Brown - Black - Orchid - Aqua - Blue - Maize - Green - Pink - Silver Blue - Silver Blonde - Ash Blonde - Champagne - Light Red - Brown - Frosted Tips - Multi-Color - and Special Colors at no extra cost!


Redheads, Check with your local Sally's!!!

So some of you readers know that I have been working on growing my hair long since summer 2010 from the super, boy short length it was at that time. It is so strange. I don't know where my obsession with having long hair came from. In college, at the age of 18, I cut my hair above my shoulders and it has remained above shoulder length for the last 16 years! Maybe I went too long with short hair or maybe this is one of those "grass is always greener" moments. Since I have been growing impatient with the growing of my hair out, I have started turning to extensions on days when I want to feel that girly, long hair feeling.

Extensions are not easy with vibrant red hair. Fake red fades. It fades quickly. It fades unevenly. And if you have hair extensions in one color, chances are there will be a time frame where they don't match the hair on your head. So I have colored extensions with the same color I use on my natural hair, but, as you can guess, they are a monochromatic color. When the red in my hair starts to fade, the extensions don't match anymore.

So I thought I would take it like a wo-man and go buy another set of extensions to color as my faded-red extensions. I didn't really want to. Human hair extensions are frickin' expensive, and not where I want my money to go, but I am impatient, so I went to Sally's to see what I could do about my little predicament.

All I know is that I was super excited when I went to Sally's and saw this!

This set of 14" extensions from Euronext were on clearance, marked down to $39.99 from $89.99. They are a beautiful combination of reds so they will hopefully get me through most of my red dying cycle. There are darker and lighter forms of red. The color code on the package was 130/33ER.

Then I about burst when they totaled me up at the register. They were 20 bucks!!! For human hair extensions!!! There must have been an extra 50% off clearance that weekend. So all you redheads out there, call your local Sally's and see if they have any of these in their store still. If you're in Colorado, call the Sally's on Belleview in Littleton. They still had one or 2 sets when I was in there.

You can see the top layer of my hair length right now. They are going to need a little cutting to blend them, but there is very little chance that I will be ever wearing them straight down like a pop star, so they don't need to be perfect. I really just need them for times when I want a hairstyle that requires long hair to accomplish.

I used some different ones here a couple months ago when we went to the WWII Ball in Boulder. I used my shorter hair on top to get the curl and used extensions to fill in the snood.

 But today I am just going to do hair and makeup for a public speaker's headshot, so I am going with simple ponytail with my new extensions.

These things are so much fun. I feel like Cher!


Retro Hairstylists needed at the Goodwood Revival in the UK

Someone posted this on my Facebook and I thought I would pass it on since I know some of my readers are in the UK.

Hairstylists NEEDED
Revival at Goodwood is Friday 16th - Sunday 18th in September, based at the glorious Goodwood.
Based around the 50's, classic cars, racing, fashion, music, drink, and of course style.
People come from all over the world to attend Revival. 

Take a look at the link - to get an idea.

Friday 8am - 10/11am
Saturday 8am - 10/11am
Sunday 8am - 10/11am

£50.00 per day  

Email Lisa George at glamoursquadhq@hotmail.co.uk


Show Off Your Necklace Hairstyle

 Today's hairstyle draws its inspiration from Jill Vincent in Black Angel from 1946. I came up with the title because you still get the feeling of long hair, but it is kept back away from the neckline. So if you are wearing a dress with fabulous beading around the top or you have a beautiful necklace you want to show off, this looks great. It is such an elegant hairstyle, perfect for evening. It accomplishes what a snood does without the snood. I really like snoods, but sometimes they are just too much and detract from the hairstyle and the outfit. This dress and jewelry with a heavy snood would be a disaster.

The hardest part of this style would be the wave at the front, but I have tried to come up with an easier alternative than pin curling to get the effect. This is similar in effect to the Bang Wave in the book, but less refined and controlled since we aren't using pin curls here.

Start by parting out a small section above the forehead in a triangle shape.

Part the triangle down the middle so you have equal size triangles on either side. I used my soft rollers on this. Sponge or rag rollers would also work well. You could try hot rollers, but they would need to be the super small ones and if your hair is thick or has length, I am afraid there would not be enough heat to get all the way to the scalp. That is the key here to using the a wet set with soft rollers. We want the curl to start from the scalp.

The hair should be damp from root to end. When you are wrapping the hair, the curl should be half on-base. So pull the hair to a 45 degree angel ( I mean angle). Roll the curl under tightly. You will either need to let this dry overnight or get under a hood dryer. If the end does not dry completely, it is not the end of the world, since the end of the hair will actually be inside the hair net.

After the hair is dry, pull out the curl. In the bottom right of the next picture you can see what the curl should look like. The curl should go root to end. Take one side curl and brush it back. Then do a little back brushing to put some stamina in the wave. This will help the hair stay in its wave shape.

Then with a comb, lightly comb over the visible part of the curl to smooth out the hair on top after back brushing. Use a light hairspray to help control the hair. You can also use the duckbill clip technique from the hair book to help form the wave.

Now you can see the wave take shape after you release the tension on it. Lay it against the head and pin it in place. You will have a little mound on top that I would prefer isn't there, so just tuck it behind to soften the top wave.

With the section of hair that is still hanging over the ear, create a sort of upward twisting french twist and connect it with the wave above to make it look like it is all the same part of the style. Pin in place with the hair pins going under the hair style to lock it. I try really hard to hide pins as much as possible.

I love it that hairnet companies still use the same artwork on their packaging from years ago. I hope they never change it.

I have done nothing to the back of this mannequin's hair for this. I just brushed it out very smooth. She still has a little bend in her hair from the last time I used her for something and that is all I need. There is no specific curl needed for the hair going in the hairnet. Just gather the remaining hair and tuck it into the hairnet. Bring the net all the way up to the crown and use a couple hairpins to pin it place.

I am using a black hairnet, since I am going to finish the style with a black headband.  In keeping with lovely June above, I want the hairnet to be part of the accessory and see it without it screaming at me like a snood.

Once you get it in place, spread the hair with your fingers to get some fullness.

Finish it with a headband of choice to cover the end seam of the hairnet and fancy it up a bit. Enjoy!


Ebay Sightings...

I don't get on Ebay enough. There are so many fun things people are selling.

Let me rephrase that. I probably should avoid Ebay. There are so many fun things people are selling that I want in my collection. A friend of mine suggested I should start a little museum of my vintage beauty tools. I don't know if I quite have a museum's worth yet, but with a little help from Ebay I could certainly make it happen. Here are just some of the lovely items online right now.

This one is great, but it ends quickly! It is a vintage pink shampoo cape with poodles on it! It ends in just 5 hours from my writing this. I am sure most of you ladies will be reading this after the fact, but I still wanted to share it with you for the sake of a smile. Click the image to go...

Following in line with things that would be great in a beauty salon...this Boraxo soap dispenser would be so cute in the bathroom of a vintage decor beauty salon bathroom. Technically this thing would have had that gritty sand-like soap in it. You guys remember that lovely stuff!? But I think liquid could also work in it. Click the image to go...

For those of you ladies who like to collect those vintage food tins to display in your kitchen, here is something for the bathroom. It is a Cotton Picker Cotton dispenser tin in beautiful pink. Click the image to go...

Living in Colorado, you have to have hand lotion in your purse at all times. It is so dry here. I actually just use a very simple, fragrance free lotion and add a relaxation scented oil from a local apothecary to it. It smells like a mini vacation every time I use it. I just got a not-very-interesting empty bottle from Sally's to carry it in my purse, but it would be so nice to have this little vintage Max Factor purse sized lotion dispenser to carry it around in. Click the image to go...

I know we have all seen a million vanity sets and the truth is that this one is not totally complete. It is missing a comb and maybe a couple other things, BUT...it has these beautiful little matching picture frames to go along with it, which you do not see everyday. If you have a vanity or dresser you want to spruce up, this set is great because you can add your family photos and everything will still go together beautifully.

I really don't know what year these are from. The plastic container says '70s to me, but the picture of the lady says '40s, but it wasn't uncommon for companies to use the same illustration for a beauty product for years, like hair net companies. I am not actually suggesting this specific product either. The description mentions rust, which I wouldn't suggest putting in your hair. There is a reason for me pointing these out though. You can get hair bling like this at stores like Claire's and online that twist into your hair and hold into place. I just think it would be a very elegant addition to a fancy dress if you and your beau are going out for a nice dinner.

There are a couple different reasons to love this Scolding Locks Bob Pin box other than it's $1.99 starting bid. It is a sturdy box you could actually use. It is pink...and I love pink for beauty items. I also love how beautifully the cover girl is accessorized. She has a beautiful bow and the string of pearls with the unfastened ends is so '30s. Click the image to go...

Here is something that will knock your baby's socks off. A vintage Sanitoy baby nursery dresser set. This thing is already going up in price on Ebay, but for the vintage mom or soon to be mom, I can not think of a better present. As a parent, you rarely spend this much money on an item for your baby, but for the office pool trying to figure out what to get her since she already got the stroller and car seat, this is perfect!