Cool Hair at the Grammys

I have just been hanging out at home watching the Grammys, taking a break from the makeup book which keeps getting longer and longer...too much info to include. I was reminded tonight of Janelle Monae that I love!!! Her pompadour is rockin' and a great example of what you can do with very curly hair creatively. Not to mention she dances like James Brown with wonderful grace.

I also found this pic online of the lovely lady with a different version of her forward moving hairstyle. I bet I could do a pretty fun look for Viva with a finger wave look if I can just get my hair long enough. Or maybe extensions...

I was also reminded of the hairstyle from the Paramore video "You Are the Only Exception" that got me wanting to grow my hair out again. Very few layers, beautifully blunt...


Indelible - making marks that cannot be removed

L'Oreal's Infallible lipstick

I tried the reds out and for a long wear lipstick, they are pretty nice. If you are not familiar with long wear lipsticks, their basic concept is that they start wet, dry after application, and you use a lip gloss over them to keep your lips feeling moist and you need to use the gloss that comes with. Regular lipgloss has some sort of weird reaction with the lipstick and starts to feel like sandpaper on your lips.

I am really bad about keeping up with my lips when I go out. I have fun, talk to people...and then I go to the lady's and catch a glimpse in the mirror! Ugh! Where'd my lips go? Also when my beau sees my glossy, gooey red lips coming toward his mouth...he gets this look of fear in his eyes, like he is going to look like Heath Ledger as The Joker when it's done.

So, for me, long wears are great for reds especially. The 3 colors pictured here from left to right are Cerise 300, a cranberry, but the color is deep and would be really nice on a pale blue girl, Crimson 310, a warm red that I love on my yellow skin and goes well with my red hair, and Beyonce's Red 399, a vibrant red that darker skinned girls look great in.

I apply in 2 layers. The crimson looks good as one application, but you can still see a little lip through it, which is fine if you want to have a tamer red, but I want RED. So I apply once, leave your lips open and let dry completely, then apply again, leave mouth open and let dry completely. Don't put on the gloss until all the tackiness is gone from the color coats.

But then there is the after. You are home and you now have this coating of epoxy-like lipstick on your lips that won't come off. Don't scrub your lips raw trying to get it off. The concept to these lipsticks is similar to alcohol based makeup that many theater makeup artists use as a waterproof makeup. The color will only dissolve with oil or alcohol.

Baby oil works really well. Soak a Q-tip in it and rub your lips, but not too hard. It will take a second for the color to start to dissolve.

The fastest way to dissolve the color and most effective is 99% Alcohol if you can get your hands on some. Just be sure to apply a nice coat of vaseline after because it will dry your lips out, and it doesn't taste great, but very effective.


This is me...

in about 35 years. I'm not joking. I am quite looking forward to it. With Chanda and my sister by my side at the retirement home pool somewhere in Florida, I think it will be quite the happy little life.

This image is courtesy of The Hair Hall of Fame blog. If you haven't seen it, you must see it soon. It is a major source of inspiration for me. Hair Hall of Fame

I wonder if Midnight will go for the leash?


60s References for Hair

Love Luna over at the Child of the Moon blog has posted a lovely entry on hair of the 60s. Go check it out to see a huge array of images of hair and makeup of the decade.