Happy Holidays if you Win This!!!

Sung to the tune of Happy Holidays
"It's the holiday season, the holiday season
And Santa Claus has got a toy
For every good girl and good little boy...

I am kinda like the department stores this year. I am singing about Christmas well before we even hit Thanksgiving. But I am starting my annual gift suggestion list and thought a song would be appropriate.

My first gift suggestion is actually a contest also. You may remember a post I did a couple years ago about Haydria Perfumery. The retro pinup perfumer hand blends her fragrances inspired by perfume of the past. She has new packaging now with fabulous vintage girl imagery and a roll on applicator perfect for applying to the neck and wrists and whatever other body part you like.

 She use to do a $15 sampler that had tiny containers of perfume to try out the different fragrances, but now she has a better solution. You can order her entire series of perfume samples on little pads for just $1! You can apply it and try it out a couple times and then you can very strategically place your favorite one on your beau's pomade container so that he can get the hint that that is the one he should buy you for Christmas. :)

Check out her etsy shop with this link, Haydria Perfumery.

And now for the contest! There will be 3 lucky winners that I will announce on Black Friday. Hadria, the creator and small business owner of Haydria Perfumery, has sent me perfume to give away to you lucky readers. One will receive a 15ml bottle of Bernie! One will receive a 15ml bottle of Tainted Love. And a third will win 3 5ml bottles of Harem Girl, L'Eau Exotique, and Gypsy Queen.

To enter the contest, just answer this question. Send your answer to me, lauren@hrstbooks.com. The winners will be picked randomly from the correct answers.

The question is, in 1954's White Christmas starring Bing Crosby, which character wore the dress and which one stayed home?


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