Not just a Maybelline Ad

The first thing that caught my eye in this vintage Maybelline ad circa 1960 was the array of makeup products. What a great example of the products you might find in a woman's makeup bag around 1960. But don't let the 6 fool you. This is a common makeup look for the mid and late 1950s.

And then after you are intrigued by the array of products, take a look at the eye in the ad. It is wearing the products being advertised. The eyebrow pencil is shown in black at the bottom and the eyebrow is drawn at the top in an interesting point with at small dip on the outer brow. You see at the bottom a blue eyeshadow and it is shown applied at the lower portion of the upper eyelid of the eye drawing. This could also be the eyeliner applied and blended to be eye shadow, a very common practice during the early part of the century. Also at the bottom is an evergreen eyeliner, shown above on the eye in a wing eyeliner style.

This makeup would look great...I think on anyone, pale with black hair, redhead for even more color, or a blond for a softer move away from black eyeliner.


  1. Oh, gosh, I had a little tube of that cream mascara and brush back in the 60's! Brings back memories!

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    I am amazed at how much the packaging of makeup has changed; almost everything that ad is different, but then too, so are the products themselves.

    The good old eyelash curler is still the same! Fascinating to see; thanks for sharing. ^ u ^

    bonita of Depict This!
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  3. I love this look! It reminds me of a pin up mermaid or something. I'm probably going to give these colors a shot when I get ready this morning

  4. I have one of those little red boxes of Maybelline solid mascara that I found in some of my grandmothers things a few months ago!

  5. I use the good old red eyebrow pencil (medium brown) as eyeliner, just like my mom.

  6. I love your cute blog so I added your blog to my hair blogroll.

  7. I wore my make up like that yesterday! I really DOES bring a pop of color to a red headed girl! Also..I bought your book on vintage hairstyles..it helps A LOT during photo shoots! Thanks so much!

  8. I am the great niece of Tom Lyle Williams, founder of the Maybelline Co, 1915 to 1968. Check my website and The Maybelline Blog at www.maybellinebook.com