This is me...

in about 35 years. I'm not joking. I am quite looking forward to it. With Chanda and my sister by my side at the retirement home pool somewhere in Florida, I think it will be quite the happy little life.

This image is courtesy of The Hair Hall of Fame blog. If you haven't seen it, you must see it soon. It is a major source of inspiration for me. Hair Hall of Fame

I wonder if Midnight will go for the leash?


  1. haha. That pic is fabulous. A old lady drove past me on her mobility scooter yesterday. She had a beret on, dark glasses and an animal print coat! Bright red lipstick....I just thought I hope that's me at that age!

  2. That's great and an awesome goal! I picture myself with a a bunch of cats around me.. ;")

  3. Counting down the years until retirement. Only another 43 to go!

    I love your blog, and the hair hall of fame you recommended!


  4. Hi! I just "discovered" your blog, I've wanted to order your book in a while, I tryed to last december but I had trouble with my credit card, I am mexican,( living in mexico of course) and I will order your book in this week, I'm ejoying reading your blog.

  5. We Hair Hall of Famers love YOUR blog too!

  6. I so love that photo. I hope it's me too!

  7. holly mackeral,I just found out about this site and your book.
    I'm ordering,sooooooo excited!

  8. ooh that's a great goal!
    i too love to picture myself when i'm old. i'll have violett hair, long red nails, false lashes and look like out of an old photograph of a shanghai opium den in the 20s. and i'll smile and enjoy myself all the time but the people still would be a little frightend of me, the weird old catlady. *sigh*