Contest Winner/Reader

And the winning reader for the books will get these lovely cosmetic and hairstyling products!

Zoya Color Cube Eternal Flame with red nail polish and a deep red lip gloss. Click the images to get your own.

Kenra Grooming Pomade #4. My favorite thing about Kenra products are their smells and each product smells different.

Kenra Firm Hold Styling and Finishing Spray. This stuff is a stronger hold hairspray. If you are looking for more of a working spray, try their #9 or #13 hairsprays.


It's Christmas Already!


Classic styles never lose their punch

I really dig this version of a pompadour. This is Elly from the duo group La Roux. I can't stop watching La Roux's Bulletproof video on You Tube. Maybe it is because it reminds me of being a kid. I have officially reached the age where a style I wore when it was new is now retro cool. That feels weird.

I love it more that she uses Elnett hairspray extra strong hold to get her pomp!

The instant I saw the first scene of the video I thought of Mr. Setzer's early Stray Cats days.

Ebay Finds

Here are the latest and greatest ebay sightings. This was a tough one for me. I want to buy most of these things. They're just too crazy.

Brady Bunch looking hairdryer

Brady Bunch looking hotrollers with mirror inside

Hairspray cover so your hairspray bottle doesn't clash with your vanity

Hairdryer salt and pepper shakers

What surprised me most was the shipping cost on this salon style hooded hairdryer with stool. It is priced at $16 for UPS ground.

For girl's poker night, Breck Hair playing cards

Sunglass barrettes

This one doesn't even seem right. With the high cost of bakelite jewelry, this seller is selling a bakelite hand hairdryer with a starting bid of $14.99. Scoop this one up while it's hot. No pun intended.


Wow! How did that number get so high?

I am frantic trying to get my holiday stuff done, work my day job, making sure I can fill all the holiday orders for VH, and house hunting. I have been very distracted and just realized that the publicly registered readers of the blog is about to reach 500!

I gotta do something special for that!

I have decided to do a holiday contest. I will put together something special as a prize, which I think will include signed copies of both the first and second edition. The first edition is out of print technically, but I still have a few copies left that I have been hanging onto for special.

If you are already a publicly registered reader, you are automatically entered. If you can't list yourself because you don't have a google account, don't worry. Just send me an email by Christmas to info@vintagehairstyling.com.

I'll announce the winner here after the holiday, so stick around to see if you are it!


Madmen Holiday Card

I just wanted to share this with everyone out there who might be addicted to Madmen like me. This was a holiday picture for an advertising agency I work with here in Denver. They wanted to do a Madmen theme for their holiday card, so my friend Jenece and I were hired on to do their hair and makeup.

I love the way this turned out. The house belongs to one of the art directors. I joked to his wife that they own my dream home, a mid-mod house on the North-West part of Denver. And they did an amazing job of holding on to its original grandeur.

It is kind of hard to tell in the photo, but we slicked down a lot of hair. Colorado is a very earthy state and none of the guys even put product in their hair and a few of them have wild curly hair.

The lady in the blue dress was actually wearing a hot pink dress, which they color corrected later. Kinda wish I could do that in real life to a few of my dresses. Her hair was very Bettie, when we first did it with hot rollers using the same pattern as the 50s Fake Bob in the book, but alas it lost its life through a trip across town and an hour of test shots. I knew I should have used more product.
Miss Red picked a Joan hairstyle she wanted to wear. Who doesn't want to look like Joan? After seeing the photo, I should have parted her hair further to the side above the outer corner of her eyebrow, but we were pressed for time and I was just trying to get it done. We had 2 and 1/2 hours to do everyone. I am still a little shocked we did it.



I just love this image

What a great close up of pin curls!