Now I am off to the PS 1515 to party like a Lichtenstein.


Baby, It's Frickin' Cold Outside

I don't currently have TV. Since everything went digital, I have yet to go out and get one of those converter boxes. It hasn't caused me too much trouble, but I do miss the Today Show.

If everyone else has a working television and caught the news, they may have seen a little tidbit about the snow storm we are getting here in Denver. Totals at 8am this morning for downtown were 14.5 inches and it's still going.

The scarves I blogged about before are just not going to cut it anymore. So here are some other options I have come across in internet travels. Click the images to go.

This is the Lightweight Mohair-Enriched Knit Bonnet from The Vermont Country Store, a great resource for things that have been around since the 50s. They even use as part of the selling copy that it is "Warm as a hat and won't ruin your hairstyle".

Here are a couple really cute earmuffs I found on Etsy!

Here are cheap but cute made in China earmuffs from Amazon available in various animal prints.

These are both ending before the end of the day on ebay, but don't fret if you don't get there in time. You should definitely check out this ebay seller Handmade-World for cute, knit winter stuff for all the girls in the family. These were both listed at starting bids below a buck!


Another Halloween Idea

I'm rethinking my Halloween costume. Instead of a Lichtenstein, I may do this instead.

I was searching on the internet for another Halloween idea that involved the fashion of Thierry Mugler. For those of you watching MTV in the late eighties, you'll remember his fashion in George Michael's Too Funky video.

And I had completely forgotten about this silver bikini he designed and how Metropolis it was. The other picture on the right is actually Dolce and Gabbana, but still feels like something Mugler would do.

I thought it would make such a cool retro inspired costume for Halloween. For those unfamiliar, Metropolis is a German film from 1927 and was a ground breaking film. The special effects were beyond what anyone else had done. It was also a very socially relevant film. But I will leave it up to the rest of you to Netflix the film. It should be a school requirement to see it, like reading The Great Gatsby.

I am going to attempt to do a much more simple version of the robot Maria from the movie.

I am also going to try to get my beau into it. How awesome would it be to have a friend be the mad scientist that creates robot Maria.

I am going to try to avoid anything this elaborate.

It can be as simple or elaborate as you are willing to make it. Start with a silver dress.

Add some silver tights. These are Express.

I was thinking of getting some silver fabric and cutting and attaching by sewing or iron adhesive some of the lines and details of the costume to make it feel more 3-D.

And of course silver makeup and hairspray. I suggest a drop cloth in the bathroom to protect surfaces while you are using the hairspray. There will be a lot of overspray.

This would be the easy way to do this, but I think it might be better to get some stuff from the craft store to create the head piece.

I need to learn that I am not Superwoman. When am I going to find time to do this?


Blond Ambition Contest

I am back from my trip to the Vintage Fashion Expo and trying to get everything back in order. It seems to be taking a while, but I am getting there little by little.

It was really nice meeting those of you that came by the Expo. It is amazing how detached you can feel using the internet for communication. Meeting live human beings makes this feel a lot more personal.

I had some books left over and needed to ship them back to Denver. They weigh too much and would have put me over my luggage weight limit on the airplane. Unfortunately, which I knew was going to happen, a few of the books were damaged in shipping. Paper is so delicate and FedEx doesn't exactly treat the boxes like babies.

So I have some books that aren't proper for selling and thought I should give them away in a contest. Anyone who doesn't mind a book with some dents or dirt on the cover should enter. If you already have one, think about giving one as a Christmas gift!

So here's the contest. The entries sent to info@vintagehairstyling.com with the most right answers win. If there are some ties, I'll draw from a hat. You have until Oct. 31st.

The images below are of actresses who were mostly known as being brunette, but with the popularity of blond bombshells, studios commonly tried out the haircolor on other actresses. Name these brunettes, turned blonds, turned back to brunettes for a chance at a free damaged copy of
Vintage Hairstyling.



The many looks for a scarf

I am not really sure what happened to Fall. I don't know how it is for everyone else right now, but here in Denver, we seemed to skip over it and go straight to Winter. And a beanie wreaks havoc on a hairstyle. So here are some scarf options to help keep your ears warm.


Halloween Idea

Okay. So we spend plenty of days during the year dressing up in things that other people would only wear on Halloween. To us it's perfectly normal and beautiful.

So what do we do to get creative on Halloween? We already dress like pin-ups on a normal Saturday night!

MAC cosmetics has an awesome idea! Let's take our love of mid-century and do it a little different.


The MAC artists have created a very cool video with Halloween makeup ideas. I love this one based on the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein. Time for school boys and girls!

For those of you who took Art History 101, this is just a refresher course. And for those of you who are not yet familiar with his work, I can guarantee you have seen his style copied. Which is ironic because that is exactly what he did, but as a social criticism. We're all just putting a new spin on something we've seen somewhere else and making it our own self-expressionist version.

Mr. Lichtenstein started creating his signature style of pop art in the early 60s. It is based on the look of commercial printing. There is a an obvious dot pattern on printing from the time period. He used this as his critique on commercialism that was booming at the time, much like Warhol used soup cans and Monroe.

And we come back around to MAC using it as a way to promote and sell products. Did I just hear the sound of Lichtenstein rolling over in his grave? ;)

On to the fun part!


Comb Over with Style

Who knew something so similar to a comb over could be so chic? The most stylish women wore it in the early 1960s, when curls were relaxing and bouffants were growing.