60's Colorful Makeup

I think I am going to do my makeup like this to go out dancing tonight. I just wish I had the white nail polish to go with. I wonder if I have some white out in my desk somewhere.

This is Wilhelmina Cooper. And yes, the name should sound familiar. She founded Wilhelmina models. Beautiful and chic!

She was a supermodel before JDick was out of diapers. (That's my acronym for Janice Dickinson) Is that catty? Oh...I don't care.


Blog Update

I just wanted everyone to know that, in an effort to make the blog a little more search friendly, I have added some categories. This includes trying to label entries with what decade the entry is based on. Let me know if there is any other type of label that you feel would make it easier to find your favorite entries. Thanx!


Another Option

Here is another comb out option for the hairstyle I posted earlier. After the curls you created at the bottom with lots of hairspray and a 1/2" curling iron have cooled, comb out the sticky hairspray and direct the hair under. Be sure to use pomade to control fly-aways. Then you can get this pretty pageboy-ish look.

Dying of hairspray asphyxiation

Forgive me. I am a little asphyxiated from this hairstyle. So the wording of this entry may be a little off sometimes. Not to mention it's Friday. I've been meaning to try this one for a while. It looked pretty simple and easy to copy with a curling iron.

This is Mary Beth Hughes. Her career in the 40s mostly involved appearing in movies, but by the 50s, she kept herself busy doing more television shows. Towards the end of her showbiz career, she worked for a plastic surgeon and eventually opened her own beauty salon in Carlsbad, CA.

Here is the hair length of the doll I am using. Its layers are a little longer on top, but the ends of the hair are fine.

I started with the side sections, curling the hair forward. When I want some kind of wave or texture all the way to the root to mimic the pin curls of the day I curl the hair in a different direction than the way I am going to direct later. I also roll the hair all the way to the scalp to curl as much of the shaft as possible.

I then pin up the side sections in dry pin curls. Use your own judgement on where you would like to place them. As always, use pomade to smooth fly-aways and give the hair shine.

I still have a section of hair at the front that is about 2 inches wide and 1 1/2 inch deep. I sectioned out a piece of hair that is about 3/4 inch wide and again curl it forward rolling all the way to scalp on-base. Please be sure to use a comb between the iron and your scalp. I should have done it here, but wasn't thinking because my mannequin head doesn't have nerves.

Comb or brush the hair gently back. Notice this is the opposite direction of which I curled it.

I then relaxed the hair piece and allowed it to lie down on the hair. Arrange it and move it to get the maximum wave out of it. And pomade will help accentuate the wave with shine.

The final pieces left, I curled to the right on-base.

I brushed these together and then teased them a little to help hold the hair together.

Then smooth the outer hair of the piece and arrange how you like so that the hair created a figure eight above the forehead.

Next comes the bottom section. The first thing to do is coat the ends in hairspray. This is where the asphyxiation comes in. Any girl who was born before 1980 probably remembers having a hairstyle that involved coating the hair in spray and then curling it with a hot curling iron. When the curling iron starts to sizzle, then you know you are doing it right. You create this crusted, rock hard curl.

I am not taking responsibility for anyone burning their hair, so use caution!

Spray the ends with hairspray. If the curl doesn't become the crusted, rock hard curl, then use more hairspray and do it again.
You will need to roll the curling iron all the way up the base of the neck. When you release it, the weight will make it fall some.

For this mannequin, it took 4 curls to go all the way around the bottom. I would say that is the minimum. With thicker hair you will want to work in smaller sections.

After you have finished this row of curls that goes all the way around the neck, gently comb out the gaps between. Try to comb the curl as little as possible to keep it from relaxing.

If her hair were cut a little more diagonal at the front, I could have gotten more slant in the lower section. I also could have turned the curling iron at a little more diagonal, but otherwise, I like the way it turned out.

Happy Hairstyling!


Come meet me at the Vintage Fashion Expo!

I am doing a book signing at the Vintage Fashion Expo in Santa Monica next month. Anyone who is in the area or who can make their way to it should come! I love meeting readers. And you can pick my brain with any questions you have.

I will be doing a demo too. They no longer have the stage they had before for the runway show. So I won't have a seating area for you to watch a demonstration, but will do demos from the book signing table. I'll be there from 1-4pm Saturday and Sunday and will do the demo at 2pm each day. Click the banner to go to their website for more details than what I have here.

Here are the vital statistics:
Vintage Fashion Expo
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
October 17th and 18th, 2009
Expo Hours Saturday 10:30-6 Sunday 11-5, me 1-4pm
Tickets are $10, follow this link
to go to their COUPON page and save $5

They have an average of 90 vendors at the expo selling clothes, shoes, jewelry, patterns, purses...you name it! Here is a short list from the website.

Vintage Blue Moon
Rare Finds
Sentiments By Katherine
Atelier Suzanne
Decades of Fashion
Papillon Antiques
Snappy Gabs
Mr. Toads
Lapin Vintage
Scout LA
Foxy Couture
Flaun's Vintage Clothing
Barbara & Kent Grigg
Gail Gum Antiques
Hot Couture
A La Mode Vintage
Jean Langford
The Mad Hatters Tea Party
Re-Vamp Vintage
Little Treasures
Vintage Apparel by Ardis
King Vintage
Connie Parente Accessories
Feather Vintage
Chris Enebo Antiques
Now 'N' Then
Marche aux Puces
Discover Yesterday
Bobbie Boutique
Two Sisters
Ellen's Elegants
Vintage Vanities
Allyn Scura Eyewear
Cherry, Inc.
Edith's Daughter
The Nostalgic Lady
The Bakelite Lady
Trappings of Time
Mercer International
Time Slot Antiques
The Cat's Meow
Woodland Farms Vintage
Frock You Vintage
The Paper Bag Princess
Timeless Vixen
The Other Shop
Raw Vintage
Retro Diva
Faultline Collectables
Honeymoon Antiques
TaTa Lane
Pamela Heiman Vintage
Avenue Antiques
Charles Nero Art & Antiques
Paris Vintage
Bertz Antiques
Mermaid's Haven
Licia Kuhn Antiques
G.S. Antiques LLC
Cathy Githens Antiques
Anna Newman Vintage
The Butlers Cottage
Red Headed Rachel
The Tie Merchant
Mary's Exchange
Soiree Vintage
Erzsebet Bathory
Ms. Matcher's Matchless Jewelry
Kathy Judkins
Eva Linowski
Dena McCarthy
Octavia's Scrapbook
Gail Pierson
LA Vintage Boudoir
Cheetah Girl
Clever Vintage Clothing
Somewhere In Time
Juliana Goitein
Linda Goldberg
Kerry Holden
Mary Scates Antiques

Last year my friend Kris and I were there doing a signing for the first edition. It feels like ages ago. She will be there again helping me. You may recognize her in the second edition as Snood Style #2 and The Homemaker. Here is a pic from that expo.



Who wants to try this one? Any takers?

Oh. Too Late. Cindy Lou already did it.


Exotic Beauty

This makeup is great. There are subtle lines drawn all over this exotic beauty's face. Her name is Aliza Gur and she did some acting in the 1960s, including the Bond film From Russia with Love. She was also 1960 Ms. Isreal, her home country.

I just want to point out a few things. Of course most obvious are the points of her eyebrows and the eyeliner. Also note the style of her lower eyeliner. The way the outer point goes down a half a centimeter from the outer corner of the eye and the inner line continues past the inner corner of her eye creates such a nice geometric form.

Her lips are an interesting shape also. The makeup artist drew over her cupid's bow so that it is nonexistent.



I am really digging braids right now. Which is ironic since I just chopped off all of my hair. I have always known how to braid. I am not sure where I learned how. But for those of you that it is still a mystery, there is a little diagram at the end of this entry for some help.

With the exception of Tina Aumont at the bottom, all of these are hair pieces. You can make your own braided hair piece using cheap fake hair from Sally Beauty or you can try buying a braided headband like this and getting creative. Click the image to go.

I prefer the make your own method. Then you can determine the length and thickness for what you are trying to accomplish.


Memory lane for my hair

I couldn't help it. I gave in. I had to Madmen myself.

But the most amusing part was how many of the hairstyles they had to choose from that I actually have worn at some point. So I kept on Madmenning!

This is the closest I could get for my style right now. I recently chopped it all off and it is boy short in the back right now. So this isn't the best example of me now, but it is the closest I could choose.This was me before I cut my hair. I teased it big and put a headband behind my bangs to accentuate the poof.

This was me about the time I published the book, which you can see in the back of the book with my author photo that my friends make fun of.

This was me right after college. I go through these phases of wanting all my hair gone. I actually can't stand the feel of it against my neck. So when it is longer I always curl and pin it up.

This picture just makes me want to sing "Happy Birthday...Mr. President..."

This is the reason I just got my haircut. No, I didn't have a weird drunken moment at a park like this girl is obviously having. But this is what I have been doing with my hair for the last 2 months, throwing it in a ponytail! And I was over it. I needed a style.

And so now I look like this. Which I am loving! And it will be a fun challenge doing retro type styles on it.

My friend Dena cut my hair for me. She is an amazing stylist. I swear you can give that woman a picture and she can accomplish anything, even if she has never done it before. She is very modest and doesn't give herself enough credit for her talents. I even thank her in the book for being one of my teachers.