Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step-by-Step Techniques 2nd Edition

It took some time, but the revised edition of the book is finally at the printer. Thank you for all the votes on the cover image. It was a pretty easy choice since just about all of the 66 people that gave their opinion agreed that the happy pompadour image should be the cover image. And the peek-a-boo bang went on the back cover.

I am REALLY excited about this 2nd edition. After writing the book the first time, I learned a lot about what I liked and about what the readers liked. So I am hoping that this revised edition meets everyone's standards. I, of course, loved the original book, but this one is even better.

Some stats on the 2nd Edition:

200 pages

almost 750 images

16 new hairstyles (some of the original book styles were taken out and replaced with more informative styles)

It is different enough from the first edition to absolutely be worth purchasing again!

It is available right now on the website, www.vintagehairstyling.com, at a special pre-order price of $32.95, but the list price is $36.95. All the pre-orders will be shipped as soon as I get the books back from the printer in about 2 weeks.

Here's a little teaser of some of the new hairstyles in the book. In order they are called 30s Fake Bob, Veda (after the Mildred Pierce character), Snood Style, Beehive, 50s Fake Bob and the Receptionist.

And now that it is finished I can get back to blogging again! Thank you everyone for being patient while I was missing!


  1. I am going to give my all to buy this!! I am drooling! :D

  2. woohooo!!! that looks marvelous and I can't wait to get my copy!! congrats!!

  3. How exciting, I've ordered my copy can't wait


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  5. Wow, it looks great! I am definitely going to have to order this one!!!

    Okay, that was my original comment and I came back and deleted it because I just ordered my copy of your book! I'm so excited!!! lol Any chance of a signed copy??? :D

    Can't wait to get it!

  6. YAY YAY YAY! i am so excited! Congrats! yay for you!

    The giveaway went over on my blog so swimmingly! Your book was SO popular!

    You are an awesome dame with great skills... I am so happy for you and your second book.

  7. Congrats, I cannot wait! The cover looks gorgeous.

    BTW...thought you might get a kick out of these pics:


    I blame you...And Barbara Stanwyck. ;)

  8. I just received your book and all I can say is AMAZING!!

    It is a beautiful book with stunning photography and clear instructions. I'm actually going to attempt a few of the styles as soon as I collect the proper acoutrements.

    Is there a way I can help you advertise this? I have a blog, but not a whole lot of readers? I'll also tell my friends IRL.

  9. I think I will have to get this book it looks great. I recently treated myself to a ghd iv styler and it is so easy to use. I reckon it will be perfect for creating some of the old retro styles too.

  10. FINALLY. I have a PDF of the 1940s Hairstyles book by Turudich, but modern methods are so much more practical!

  11. I bought this book from you on Saturday at the Vintage Fashion Expo, I can't tell you how much this book has helped me! I tried the 30's fake bob and almost cried when I got a wave to form in my hair, this book is amazing, thank you very very much!! :)

  12. Amazing book! Not only is each hairstyle thoroughly and clearly illustrated (the arrows indicating which direction to roll pincurls and such are an excellent example), but the sections on hairstyling tools & techniques and things you can use to ornament the style (ribbon, flowers, etc.) make this a veritable textbook of vintage hairstyling. You don't skip steps or assume a certain basic level of knowledge, making this perfect for beginners.

    As intimidating as some of these hairstyles look to someone like myself, who can do braids, buns, ringlets and little else, the level of instructional detail in this book makes me think I could actually pull one of these off.

  13. Just got this book in Portland and I LOVE it!! Thank you so much for a thorough, lovely informative book! I'm going to have some friends over soon for a Retro-Up-Do Party... :-D

  14. I adore the hairstyles especially those from 19302 and 1940s.

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