The Bomb Steam Rollers

You didn't see these in my mess of a bathroom, because my massive set with about 60 rollers in various sizes is in my professional kit stashed in my office with a beauty shop stash of products and tools. Maybe I'll do that blog entry someday, but that may take several entries over a long period of time.

But these are the best steam setting curlers. It is the Caruso Steam Hairsetter. They have caps that cover the entire roller so they stay put better than pins. You can find them on amazon.com and in some Sally beauty shops.


  1. Oh I have and LOVE my Caruso curlers. They really do make the hair hold a curl and stay nice and soft!

  2. These rollers seem really intriguing. I have the world's finest, bone straight hair (well, ok, the folks over at Guinness won't call me back to verify that, but I'm going to out on a limb and say that it's at least close to the finest ;D) and am forever fighting with it to hold even so much as a wave let alone a curl.

    I'm definitely interested in these, as steam is one (at home) option I haven't really perused.

    Thank you for this post, it's always terrific to discover a new product that might help give my locks some much needed curl action :)

  3. I love my Caruso curlers! I bought my first set off an infomercial. LOL.

  4. I use to have Caruso curlers when I was a teenager! I should pick up another set! There were realy awesome!

  5. They are the best rollers! I got a set for my 12th birthday and because of this didn't learn to use a curling iron until I was in college. I bought a replacement a few years ago and it doesn't seem to work quite as well as the one I got over a dozen years ago, which was disappointing, but they still hold better than anything but pin curls.